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How do I add my site?

Increase your website visibility

To add your page to the Orakulos cyberspace directory, you must provide the URL of your website, the image URL of your website, and a brief description of your website. Please use the button below to make your request.

What are the benefits of adding my website to Orakulos?

When you add your URL to Orakulos, you get a high-quality backlink for your site and a new set of keywords on Discover The Whole World domain, which you can use to promote your site name, increase search engine visibility, traffic, sales and potential customers. Another great benefit for your business and your customers is the Orakulos Rewards, which give your customers Reward Points and Cryptocurrencies that they can use to make purchases on Discover Market when they reach your site through Orakulos.

Orakulos Rewards

When you access your favorite website through Orakulos, you can earn reward points, gift cards, and cryptocurrency bonuses to make purchases on Discover Market! When searching the listed sites on Orakulos, find the "diamond button" above the sites. Copy the coupon code, click on the "diamond button", place the product in the shopping cart, paste the coupon code at the checkout and you're done!