STEP 2 - Sign up

Sign up for a Discover Market Referral account and proceed to Step 3 or

Sign up for a Discover Market Referral account and maximize your profits by creating a free seller account in which you can list your own products, as well as products or links from other referral programs in which you participate.

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STEP 3 - Skyrocket Your Profits

In your Discover Market referral account, simply enter the name of the product you wish to recommend in the Link Generator input field and your referral link with your referral ID will be created! Then simply copy the product link you would like to receive commissions on your Blog, Facebook, Youtube channel, Internet forum, your own website, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat or any other network you wish. The longer your referral link network, the higher your passive income will be.

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STEP 4 - Congratulations! You have created a new income online.

Discover Market sends your commission every time your profit reaches $ 100.00.

Currently, the referral commission for all products on Discover Market is 05% of the product price, but for products listed on Discover Ticket Store, the commission is 60% of the product price. To stay up to date with Discover Market Referral program, visit the DM Referral program page and return to step 3 to continue creating your passive income, or,

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DISCOVER MARKET - A World of Benefits for Sellers and Buyers!

- At the Discover Market, sellers and buyers can earn money by trading goods and services as they are used to.

- Sellers can sell directly from their store page ( Direct Market) without paying a fee (0% FEE), and offer other products and pricing options to buyers by linking products outside Discover Market to the store page and seller's product description.

- Buyers can opt for the Discover Market Escrow Service to protect their purchases if they do not know or trust a particular store or seller.

- Buyers and sellers can accumulate ORK cryptocurrency and grow with Discover Market.

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